Austin home buyers start your engines

It’s January 6th, 2014

Multiple offers when it’s f*@king freezing outside? That sounds like a hot Austin real estate market to me.

You know when the weather report says there is a small chance, a really small chance, a tropical storm could come within 1,000 miles of Austin and suddenly the bottled water aisle at the supermarket is cleaned out?

Well, that’s what’s happening to cool, contemporary homes in Austin, Texas-the “shelves” are bare.

If you were lucky enough to take the Tuscan pony out to pasture a few years ago and build a sexy contemporary home any self respecting, prius driving, whole foods shopper would love, your payday has come.

I cannot keep the listings coming fast enough: whether it is an amazing contemporary ranch perched over the Pedernales river, or a cool bachelor pad in the Davenport Ranch area, great space is getting snapped up.

Where does that leave you, the architecturally literate, hopeful home buyer?
Scrambling, that’s where.

So if you are looking for a unique space that speaks to you and expresses who you are, can handle kids, dogs and get togethers with ease, and is within driving distance of all the cool restaurants, night clubs and shopping in Austin, then you better get moving.

Call/text or email me to get my top 10 picks for cool places to live in the ATX.

Don’t delay, or you will be staying another year in that overpriced rental with the flimsy walls and no storage space.

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Austin Real Estate is on FIRE!!!!

Okay. So it’s official. We have 3 months of inventory or less. For the Eanes school district area, there are only a couple of homes under 600k. Compare this to 2011, when there was the odd sub 425k listing. Seems folks really want that top school system. Don’t get me wrong-there are plenty of other good school districts in the greater Austin area, but if you want the school district with the highest scores, you are going to have to pay over a half million bucks. Sheesh!!!!
Here’s the rub: we keep winning all these “best of” lists, and publications such as Money magazine keep putting Austin on their recommended places to live roster, while boasting that our median home price is 195k.
Let’s be real people: If you include areas like Round Rock, Bastrop and New Braunfels, sure, you can find a decent new home for 200k. But if you want to be in the heart of the city, close to downtown, you are going to pay. Alot.
I have lived in the Bay area, and Boulder Colorado, and I am happy to say we are not seeing those types of prices, but we are headed in that direction.
The local and state government has been on a tear, installing all sorts of infrastructure improvements that clearly point to continuing growth(we just got rated the fastest growing city in America) and that usually spells H-I-G-H-E-R H-O-U-S-I-N-G C-O-S-T-S!!!!
If you need any further evidence that now is the best time to buy in over 8 years, look at the rental market: 98% occupancy rates, with many 800 sq ft condos going for 1,300.00 a month. With mortgage rates so attractive, clients often end up with a lower monthly payment by buying their OWN place, instead of paying their landlord’s mortgage each month.
So, if you are considering moving to Austin, I say, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you are looking at buying a home here, no matter what your budget is, because the Austin real estate market looks to be strong for many years to come.

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the outlook for the Austin Real Estate Market

Appears we are experiencing strong buyer demand in Austin RE market. Jobs drive the market and on that front we are also jamming! We have over 1000 new tech start ups. Companies from all over the country are relocating offices and employees here. College grads strive to move here. Venture Capitalists abound, looking for great business opportunities. The projections for central Texas infrastructure, economy are strong. The future in the next 3-5 years looks bright.

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Why Austin Texas is the best real estate market in the country

Let’s see: we’ve been named no 1 city for the next decade, top 3 city to start a business, best city for a new college grad, best city for finding love- the list just keeps growing.

So if you are already sold on our great weather, plentiful job market, scenic hill country views and top notch live music scene, the only step remaining is for you to find a perfect place to call home.

As an Austin realtor, I look at dozens of great, affordable homes every day, and with mortgage rates at a 50 year low, it is the perfect time to make an investment in one of the best cities in the US.

Austin has a median home price of $200,000.00, which, while slightly higher than the national US median home price, is still a price that many people with jobs in Austin can afford.

I keep a top 10 list of best home values for each of the major Austin neighborhoods; simply drop me a line and let me know which area you are interested in, and I will send you my top picks.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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